Thursday, September 18, 2014

P.O.L.I.C.E. (Perpetrating Over Lying Intelligence Corrupted Evil).

  They wonder why the respect is never presented always directed in a negative light. Discrimination is the motivation of sinister thoughts racial profiling is alive and well struggling for positivity in this living black hell. Its for certain I have to watch my back from law enforcement not only that my enemies steady showing a firm jealousy and all I have is stern ambitions to unlock my dreams trying to escape this nightmare where my heart won't have to bleed.

  Living in danger trying not to amount to the emptiness I feel in my soul. Feeling like these streets have become deadly concentration camps witnessing the cameras atop the street poles planted within the corner grounds. Trying to apply by  my constitutional rights evading circumstances of a stop and frisk. Then again I follow the generals request trying not to get bullets invested in my chest or embrace the violent electrical shock from the taser. Praying to not feel the detrimental intent they have sought forth so I proceed to plea guilty in the unjust courts..

 These are the struggles of a young man with a dark complexion, they could never understand the agony filled  times of this generation and they wonder why the hopeless are filled with rage and hatred cursing with fatal vocabulary going against their unholy nature.

 Dear creator please protect the souls of the many who are just trying to make ends meet hearing the sound of gunshots clouded throughout the streets sirens in the night making me wake up in sweats still the memories of being grabbed up in the night storm feeling fright trying to find mercy in my soul conversations of interrogation with devils for my freedom but I found my self detained unlawfully.

 Praying to the most high to deliver strength to me so I can unleash my true intelligence remaining relevant in my own mind. A moment where my mother and father can smile with peace upon their hearts free from bondage no more cuts around my wrist from the tight grip of handcuffs moving forward to a realm of positivity. Astray from the troubles that surround black families on a daily basis dealing with the racist and prejudice actions of the militant authorities.

  I vow to teach my children of the dangers of those that are sworn to protect and serve cause on this planet earth there are no know righteous actions in mind for those souls that commit them selves to a badge and firearm.  In the midst of danger I will warn this next nation of beings which include my family tree so that they will always embrace a moment to be free from grief in the violations that commonwealth system will deliver with no intentions of expressing notions of humanity.

 When will god unleash its fury upon the corrupted governments starving those awaiting to find peace in the chaos before us. No more senseless murders how many examples will have to be made until we can embrace the rays of the sun and channel the energy amongst the moon and stars without being harassed and mistaken for violent thugs and criminals with the right to truly express ones self not knowing what we will endure as we embrace the trials and tribulations embedded within this cruel world.

 I seek for a equal opportunity for every boy and girl to grow without having their role models be castrated in chains sent to rot in cell living in confined hell blocked off from the rest of world lost pearls in the violent oceans meant to drown battling for their moment to grow.

 These are the evils of men, living everyday thoughtless of when we won't have to spied upon and privacy will be valued but this only seems to be a mere dream and lord knows that I wished that this fate wasn't what it seems but this a police state and these are the harsh realities.

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