Thursday, September 25, 2014

The District

  Could positively care less about their corrupted nature let it be know throughout my screams of furry. Im starving remember I was the sought for prey to increase your income now Im awaiting for the laws of gravity to reverse what you have done. Absorbing knowledge of your delusions schemes to murder all my dreams. It seem everything that I diligently worked for has no matter in your sight the invested fright has deceased finally.

  Already labeled a criminal so whats the use all your people are only willing to approach me with is a concise though to shoot. My frustration explodes being pulled back and forth between my sorrow and happiness. Hope is only motivated by opportunity which you refuse to give to this already struggling nation making a mockery of my presence and these are the reasons why we will forever hate you.

  My deadly wishes to have all of your children experience the fate of the people your fear with a passion inside. The people that blend in shadows with their complexion the savages and brutal thugs your impudent mind only searches to seek. I should have took my chance and ran from the underserving respect you demanded in return only to receive gunshots one less cattle that went astray from being slaughtered.

 Thoughts are tainted cause deep down inside black men in these sinister circumstances are better off dead whats the explanation you inquire? To reach a heaven where racism and prejudice actions don't exist. Most of these authorities hate the lives they live so to gain comfort they reach out to the black youth and bring forth a unnecessary destruction and evil.

  I refuse to except your claims of not putting enough effort cause if you could walk in our shoes in seconds you would switch. Hopelessness is what we strive to erase so with these words recognize my eternal hate. This wicked system we live amongst isn't built for us, but meant only for your ignorant generation.

  Vivid visions of me flying away from this anguish being surrounded by angels that won't ridicule me from my broken language I communicate to grasp and reach my traditional greatness. I'll be hated until the day I die and my anger will live on through the souls you continue to harasses never to be left alone.

  May the horror you presented swallow you whole represented through the cold passion of the deceased souls you violently massacred. The blood you spilled will paint a picture of the deception you devoted to as the demons tear your limbs brake your bones and confine your soul to the deepest depths of hell.

 Can you understand your intentions now with pitch forks upon you back feel that pain seep in your inner spirit and you shall forever fear it feeling the pain of the ammunitions your sent to burn upon innocent souls flesh.

God willing the families you destroyed will regain focus and the hocus pocus you created will haunt you with no signs of showing mercy. I disregard your gratitude for it was never present money is your incentive will take head from the devils lessons.

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