Monday, April 25, 2011

Beyond The Shadows ( Questioning The Suffering )

I pour my sorrow out only to be let down, I know I am misunderstood but if you took the time to see
the circumstances and frustration.

I display my truest desires to make a prosperous pathway for those in search of relieve from the adversity. I send my prayers to use my knowledge and give off its beautiful nature to inspire. Will they really make since of these words?

So thankful to breath and live on another day at the sometime there truly has to be a brilliance not yet discovered that will release all the tormented ancestral entities from persecution.

Will my talent take me astray or will I be crushed by my despair. I battle off all the demons that lurk within the battlegrounds awaiting for reality to cooperate in its favor.

Fighting so bravely, even if my devotion is murdered the vision will be every so clear to change these situations of poverty,homicide and deception for it's the cousin of destruction and I take it upon my self to set fire to the family tree. As beings in this realm we suffer, so many individuals live with so little or even more unacceptable nothing at all.

We travel throughout shattered dimension unprepared witnessing the power of the sinister. I can only protect my soul when all is said and done will my people truly comprehend their destines when the occasion has awoken?

No longer can I sit by nor even condone the atrocities of the world, I can only speak with my god given talent to illustrate as I bleed the struggles of the oppressed. These fear of devils and reaching hell means nothing when hell is standing before me the meaningless actions people commit to transcend to the sky who is to say that is really where our souls really go to rest.

I won't settle for this because, I know in my heart this is not the future I laugh with insanity for the evil that
observe us daily people still won't wake and realize the agony for what it truly is.

No matter how much poison I am fed I will grow immune only to be standing when the smokescreen disappears. The reflections of illustrious Kings and Queens give me breath beyond the shadows. I make logic of the elements given and utilize them defeating the carnivorous, never will my spirit be taken away I maintain by any means to alleviate through all detrimental mistakes.

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