Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Illegally Living

Thursday 11/5/2015 
Does all life really matter? cause apparently our lives don’t matter to you…..
Forever a student to my own aggression fueled by their very own lies. Instincts only proceeds to react violently in my very own defense.
Survival is key so the opinions of those that ridicule my well being burn from the fire of the bullets you embedded in the young and innocent.
This is righteousness to be liberated to speak with rage with no criticism towards the thought patterns of the truly oppressed.
 Petrifying the already chaotic your laughter and persistent mockeries translations no sympathy of the souls reaching for their loved ones in heavenly dimensions. Broken families hearts eternally suspended in agony that can’t be captured but only transferred. A respect never to be given the life and times of youth dying from a poison 
 For evil holds the faith of a justice that is not promising for the sons and daughters we pray for to reach tomorrow. Watching my own ancestral representations gradually be exterminated as if not already stripped of integrity.
Be fearful be frightened easily you can get the whole clip for your existence. Land of the free home of the brave disregard the evidence for who honestly cares if they live we built capital off them being slaves. 
Frowned on for rebelling wasn’t with your religion it didn’t inspire me to see pass the wicked intentions already set out for me.
Couldn’t come to terms with your political endeavours. For it was the heat of knife being slit across the chest branding of the concentration that will be resented never resonating. -I.N.F.E.R.N.O.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Germination Cycles

 Whats intriguing is that history repeats its self in various countless ways. Merging these god given understandings with the ways of life separating our selves from the trifling snakes.  When you reach the pits of fire you can only build from the aggression of evil switching its many faces and soar above the pure deception of transgression. Listen to the rain against the windows of our worlds foundation seeing our reflection in the water vibration as the drops kiss the concrete.

 The sun shines its radiance amongst the flowers which are our children building their strength from the minerals within in the dirt. One day their beauty will be the key to teach future generations awaiting to reach adulthood mind growing with a powerful soul teaching our daughters and sons of how to manage throughout imperfections.

 Then at that moment our linage comprehends their fate throughout the darkness the fire being the light to guide them but can damage their petals if they come to close to the scorching.

 Meaningless desires in materialistic wishes, losing sight to what its truly essential so they struggle  and take mental pictures to give them growth to move forward from commotion. Very few will be able to submerged throughout all these tribulations, but those that remained understood the romance and how love can be presented to build successful engagements.

Our youth is the seeds from the tree of life here to excel despite the atrocities that deliver fright to make individuals not want to journey beyond their shell protection them from certain discrimination.

 Faith is knowing that all paths that you come across will have obstacles but the elegance is that within the struggles all lessons taught will deliver the motivation needed to move those mountains blocking us from our truest dreams.

 Will the world learn not to judge? Its peculiar the moments everyone endures to reach success. And yet this is only the beginning we have not yet came to face our truest tests.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

You would switch. (Truth be Told)

I spend my nights wondering why I can't seem to rest. These four walls are starting to cave me in, I long for a new direction. Knowing inside my heart wants to explore and become one with what I have not yet touch or seen.

Growth is was I truly desire, investing my faith in my dreams while moving wandering from what the reality seems. To gain education of what I have not yet learned. To express my adversities cause in the end we all struggle to acquire. What we want to reach cannot just be given throughout speech, but expression of one's self.

 Insanity makes its way in to our mind frames, wanting to be a lead to inspire and give an alternative way when people strive for greatness and lose faith and began to pray. Let these prayers spark the mind to live on never to be forgotten battling within in the storm.

Once isolated but now seeks nutrition from the sun above,where governments can't control the  outcomes beyond the heavens above. Each of us possess gifts and talents learning to burn the hatred fueled with animosity and malice. On going teachings of how to diminish a steady movement gaining progression on a regular basis.

No ambitions to be confined, lost souls with no direction and as the stars shine for us to complete are destiny may we be free to soar the galaxies connecting with angels that blessed us in their daily observations.

 All of us embrace the flames of hell praying for protection not wanting to be a victim from stray gun fire and the brutalities of the system, or even worst a poisonous overdose those left to suffer in homelessness did they ever get a chance to embrace that false hope you speak of?

Witness the birth of the street hustlers, murderers and thugs the label that can't seem to be shook. Looking deep in the hellish eyes of the real terrorist and crooks.

Misguided Expectations

 Walking down memory lane watching my past dreams before me. Knowing that aspirations that I once had will give me the momentum to soar to my truest endeavors.  Acknowledgement of the spirits that watch over me changing my language constantly to remain afloat wishing that I won't be left astray.

 Its a battle everyday to confront the evil I have within. Showing enormous amounts of strength cause the only way to diminish the treachery is to maintain the courage, I won't be a copy and blend in.

 Growing weary living my life in paranoia either its law enforcement or the jealousy intent of my enemies this is the circumstances I endure that produces grief. All I want is to make the demons in my mind bleed for they can't understand the righteousness I strive to reach.  Becoming amused by their confusion in their desperate struggles to figure me out then while they are sleeping thats the moments I take to lash about.

 I'll remain still giving of the coldest stares cause with excellent mega pixels their abilities won't allow them see me vividly. And yet to capture my moments of anguish that I unleashed upon my family is absolutely preposterous. All I want is to remove myself and not make a means to be a burden when I know for certain my destiny is more then my imaginations allows me to see.

How can you truly walk a path of redemption when there is so much evil amongst us? In these days nothing seems to change just the same pattern and all I'm left with is scraps but my incentive will drive me to reach success and murder the pain.

  My soul reminds me that I'm bless creating conversations with my inner self telling me to pick up the pen and paper before I grasp for my weapons off the shelf and let my anger out on those that wish for my downfall.  Those that view my scriptures stay in shock and be appalled I deliver my rawest emotions something people have difficulty being true with when this is only a mere reflection of them selfs. All I can say is lace up your boots for warfare and adjust to the fit.

 Don't want to be a individual thats always labeled as being the maker of complaints but who are they to judge. They never been on the verge of poverty, never had their civil rights been broken, or opportunities cheated out their grasp. Then they wonder why the youth see no hope, so to cope they find a means to escape the reality being clouded with marijuanna smoke.

 Finding hope within the criminal actions they commence cause this is what seems to give a good night sleep. Being able to provide for their already struggling house holds will the mother be able to provide for the starving children tonight.  Its all a business just another black youth torn between the lies these politicians tell and harassment of the white supremacist methods of America.

 This is why I envision happiness in my rest because just maybe I can show my brilliance to the creator above. Lost but still seeking for direction, troubled but I continue to embrace a clear mind away from the horror that remains to stay with me.

 When in my adolescent years this is not what I wanted but the choices I made only made me dig a grave for myself. Awaiting for my time to arise and when I scream all they devils turn to dust becoming cowards in fear from my battle-cry.

 Lord I ask that I will be able to embrace more pleasant times for my heart has become frozen but I know that I have been chosen. So I will work diligently to change my aftermath even if the hours of dusk has token over the actions are to fight with violence applied extreme force.

Lets be serious cause this is the only way to obtain the purest respect, and I will die with no regrets cause I am a product of my trails and errors. Mind forever corrupted by war now I scope the scene patiently preparing my self for whats in store.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Belief

 The preacher just as evil as these politicians in control of how people live their lives and what decision should be made only to be labeled a willpower built to be established by this constructed society. How can we call this place paradise when young children don't even have a opportunity to breath. No one listen to their souls any longer we struggle to kill the negativity.

 Broken families witnessing the corrupted fate before them, spending our funds in the most foolish manner. But who can I judge for I know everyone situations are different. Its utterly disrespectful the way people treat others with less then them. What does is mean to be truly blessed?

 Not to mention those in business suits selling a false hope to the nation of humans beings in which we see through all the deception and react with the deepest sorrow. I my self know that I can produce change a remnant that experienced the treachery and pain.

 Any man that vowed to give beneficial principals that could create true change has been murdered or set to rot in a prison cell.Or even more sinister managed to make progression with all the lies that was spread.  I ask you you devils what make your right to live so much more essential then mines.

 We live in the same hell yet you have everything at your disposal all because of a man mad trading factor with your ancestry posted all amongst it. Be it that we all live the by this means cause in actually this is key to survival even necessities sad to be spoken happiness depicting all your wildest desired treasures before you.

 Honestly I see no forms of hope so I cope with the agony and live on praying for my moment to finally be free. No one will see what you see unless they have a cycle to reenact the trails of the belittled. 

All the innocent souls still incarcerated under fire.

Your only reply is with blatant force obey my commands or I'll shoot. Embrace my ignorance and know your place in these wicked lands possessing the skin you have. Knowing inside there will be no hope for the youth there is never a moment to live comfortably make it to take chance to embrace lessons that will be worth a while.

Mayhem only breeds throughout the destruction only way for people to find a way to agree. Is to give what is owed and yet in this moment we will find a purpose to grow and lead.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The District

  Could positively care less about their corrupted nature let it be know throughout my screams of furry. Im starving remember I was the sought for prey to increase your income now Im awaiting for the laws of gravity to reverse what you have done. Absorbing knowledge of your delusions schemes to murder all my dreams. It seem everything that I diligently worked for has no matter in your sight the invested fright has deceased finally.

  Already labeled a criminal so whats the use all your people are only willing to approach me with is a concise though to shoot. My frustration explodes being pulled back and forth between my sorrow and happiness. Hope is only motivated by opportunity which you refuse to give to this already struggling nation making a mockery of my presence and these are the reasons why we will forever hate you.

  My deadly wishes to have all of your children experience the fate of the people your fear with a passion inside. The people that blend in shadows with their complexion the savages and brutal thugs your impudent mind only searches to seek. I should have took my chance and ran from the underserving respect you demanded in return only to receive gunshots one less cattle that went astray from being slaughtered.

 Thoughts are tainted cause deep down inside black men in these sinister circumstances are better off dead whats the explanation you inquire? To reach a heaven where racism and prejudice actions don't exist. Most of these authorities hate the lives they live so to gain comfort they reach out to the black youth and bring forth a unnecessary destruction and evil.

  I refuse to except your claims of not putting enough effort cause if you could walk in our shoes in seconds you would switch. Hopelessness is what we strive to erase so with these words recognize my eternal hate. This wicked system we live amongst isn't built for us, but meant only for your ignorant generation.

  Vivid visions of me flying away from this anguish being surrounded by angels that won't ridicule me from my broken language I communicate to grasp and reach my traditional greatness. I'll be hated until the day I die and my anger will live on through the souls you continue to harasses never to be left alone.

  May the horror you presented swallow you whole represented through the cold passion of the deceased souls you violently massacred. The blood you spilled will paint a picture of the deception you devoted to as the demons tear your limbs brake your bones and confine your soul to the deepest depths of hell.

 Can you understand your intentions now with pitch forks upon you back feel that pain seep in your inner spirit and you shall forever fear it feeling the pain of the ammunitions your sent to burn upon innocent souls flesh.

God willing the families you destroyed will regain focus and the hocus pocus you created will haunt you with no signs of showing mercy. I disregard your gratitude for it was never present money is your incentive will take head from the devils lessons.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

American Nightmares In Reality.

 Was never fearful of reaching hell cause its already before me taking everything that was given absorbing all of the animosity. Knowing that Im so misunderstood getting a true taste of how cruel this world can really be. I shine but I still long for the calm peace to come in the presence of glory.

 Hoping inside I will be admired for my struggles being able to construct within battles of sin throughout this murderous land. People born in to opulence could never understand and I won't allow admissions they would have to walk in my shoes to comprehend the agony I feel inside every step is closer to a death sentence.

 Read between the lines a young african male behind enemy lines heart of a solider so I forbid my self to cry in these frustrating times. They can only see the sorrow but can understand the beautiful progression. The most has high giving me signs assisting me as I travel in all of the testing. Awaking from my resting to unleash my fury upon evil.

 My methods to acquire knowledge was far more different if they could take the chance to listen and not already deposit judgement. Resurrection is my vision in my desperate attempts to pull my self out that grave the motivation so potent cracking my tombstone finding my way out of the dirt with a lingering hurt.

 This is not how I though my life would be in my childhood years my dreams were so much more vivid but the stress I endure put me in a position to let go. Lost in my own mind balancing out my circumstance these are my abilities I hold as the seventh sign.

 I desire liberty but society wants to deliver death immortality is what I possess when life kissed me upon my forehead I felt the impact of merciful breaths conquer my lungs. My broken bones gained nutrition rebuilt, my flesh regenerated as my blood begin to flow.My second layer of lenses gave me sight my heart filled with ambition to live on in the grace of my ancestors I was reincarnated to deliver knowledge of the underworld.

 My reports contain knowledge of genocide,famine,war and the most sinister corruption that can be mentioned. I was blessed to come about from all of this when in the hellfire midst.  The racial tension fills the air I only know of the creator knowing showing care this can be explained as wickedness at its best.

The cries of motherless children clouded my mind some juveniles devoted to a life of crime to survive. Others living life trying to get a slice of this so called American dream father not around mother a heroine fiend selling her spirit to the devil mixture.

 This is horrifying who can you trust why do the youth have so much anger inside only having motivation to make their guns bust. Lord why do parents have to burry their children from corrupted authorities who doesn't value life not even of those who are struggling to one day be fortunate to reach adulthood and continue on their families legacy.

Crack vales and needless on the concrete, I smoke a cigarette feeling the breeze getting chills cause I can't imagine to what the future holds growing cold trying to remain bold grasping on to what is left of my very own soul.

 How can we change my people steady stuck in their ways I feel the grief deep inside reading this book of corrupted faith but my attention is there turing pages. Seeking for revolution wondering who is the next black male that they'll be shooting. Survival is every so vital, protection by any means they pledge to a flag they only wishes to see me bleed.

*Only God Can Judge Us*