Saturday, April 23, 2011


I was engulfed in the smoke I look upon the horizon, demonstrating my true devotion the visions are vivid in their depiction totally a presentation of personification. Knowing knowledge its' self brings forth determination my past birthing my present feeling the presence of the ancestors before me my traditional greatness has me in a state of elation.

All trails and tribulations mean nothing for the struggle only becomes harder, just living with these depressing predicaments mother nature situations has us contemplating will existences really make it to be know in these other dimensions unknown to our minds and eyes. I hear the cries of broken hearts the sorrow can no longer be described how can one correct the acts of genocide when it arise.

I froze still no motion to be displayed felt a overwhelming power filled with hatred and rage, then I invision the torture of what my divine kind had to endure a spectacular sight of corruption and fatal sickness the fatalities and brutalities were just pointless, I mean truly senseless. In lack to give a positive description to a negative connotation, I revolt against the ways of the serpent with fangs and venom awaiting, not afraid as I stare directly in the eyes of satan.

I want those that read this to truly perceive the message I'm pitching, praying stressing to those that were called upon for eternal spiritual warfare to listen to what I have spoken. My mission is to motivate the hearts of the fallen that have been oppressed for countless years when will the freedom reign? The evil has many entities alive in the flesh and has spread in a massive progression to exterminate all followers that practice righteousness.

Feeling as though it's like a battle that can't be won at times, feeling out numbered and thinking about how the outcome could bring tears, also awaken blood shed for we fight so bravely to protect this realm by any means. Are we just a mere misconception introduce to hatred at a early dawn.

Misunderstood I know that I won't be alone for long cause I know that more individuals wish to bring change when my body is gone but my presence is still felt. The aftermath can not be in vain even if one of the protectors is slain we still live on to produce a legacy. I expect many to not comprehend the truth we shall see the purpose to live and defend what has been created only for our benefit. Take heed to this scripture as you come closer to truth and no longer fear the mental vibrations learn the art of continuations.

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