Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Contract Given...I must live it.

Struggling to find the ways to evade this beautiful agression, so unmerciful upon my enemies and those that wish to torture me mentally feel the wrath of purpose,loyalty and progression possessed within me.

I go astray practicing my methods battling the correction of the order to explore and find truth in the explosions the reckoning to my very spirit ripping through my flesh piercing through my well being trying to abolish my dignity.

Every writing that I originated is a blessing to my individuals living with never dying agony thats why the ways of satan hate me crying with rage aiming so recklessly its a challenge to keep my sanity. Keep clear from the heartless eyes glowing with greed and envy ready to carry out an invision, sentencing me to other dimensions.

The fact that I don't flee and fight violently with deadly vocabulary traveling through the fileds the sprits walk upon my ancestors flowing in my viens I awoken and came to realization that I am the proclaimed representation.

I finally sense and control this power and inspiration.

This scripture is a living matter exhibiting my war against the vicious creations of sinister intentions unleashing all the evil maintaing concentration in this hell driven money mission.

The world is suffering although I know that our many defenders are present this fight between precious intellect and rage filled corruption is homicidal, do I really have to explain the destruction? I know my nation aren't blind look amongst the divine stars and you shall find.

I witness the back stabbing nature of those I provided shelter to on a psychical, spiritual and mental plain. The betrayal feels like acid rain the lacerations grow deeply as I fight to escape this detrimental experience a true breath-taking assassination.

The sun was given to my mother, shining so vividly through my courage and pride, I arise from what hatred made of me and continued on to enlightening showing the imperative reasons for living on and preparing for death and not being afraid to embrace it when the time comes.

My legacy is shown peaking through my death for I am the creation of the creator learning the ways of the many worlds I am born in truly it has begun the contract, its so much more to the story in a race for positivity, strength and glory.

Constructions of the pages timeless thoughts..... breaking through lies pain before me keeping in mind that I am the illustrious.

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