Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gangsters Glory- Heartless Young Souls Living In Hell.

Is it truly all worth it, the power and the non-stop incoming wealth.

Do you ever cease to think of the harm you bring forth to the community. Was it all worth it? To serve the soulless individuals poison to make whats left of their already dying spirit decay. I guess the question all boils down to if we are suppose to battle these demons within, blind to our own traditional greatness due to the environment we were born in.

The nightmares of violence taken place I ponder on the fact of how I made it through the storm as a new born, heat-broken with no other solution but to make something of the hell I am living throughout.

Watching those I hunt currency with drop frozen from the penetration of bullets entering their skin and the sight of the blood making me sick and paranoid not only that the revenge making me evil but it was to late for I was already trapped in the mirror of sin and I am the reflection so its a must I keep my protection. I'm only twelve living so reckless snatching up souls cause I am cold but fast in motion when my hand is on the trigger it's death I deliver the sound of metal ripping through flesh and bone making me quiver.

Started my trouble at a young age father not around mother was a addict and a prostitute. I pray amongst the stars wishing that I could fly away. The harsh reality is the brutality I was introduced to, I was fed up with being hungry suffering from pains cause I had no substance to keep me strong. Yet I still move on, I still move on wishing for a treasure a way out of these hellish predicaments.

Never will I go back to being consider homeless stuck in poverty crying losing my mind from the gunshots the dirt I keep concealed in my heart will eventually devour me. So I know that when I go I have to rest in peace I ment no harm, so I just know my guardian angels have to rescue me.

The nights of sleeping outside the stuggles I had to overcome just to make sure I ate at night. What is my title a lost angel with magnificent intentions I write rhymes to keep from loading the clip in . The streets birth me so I sell product cause I am a product with no life long guaranteed expectancy so when the gunfire lays me down to sleep I pray for the most high to forever hold my soul in peace.

I have no heart I can't hesitate to let my guns spark seeing mother overdose off the heroin drove me crazy all I see is death for what has given me life is no longer with breath even though thy mother wasn't the best she was all I had to reach and connect with longing for her attention and affection lost with no sense of direction.

So think first before you embrace the world of so called gangster glory because if I was in your shoes with a roof over my head with a consistent place to sleep and a mother and father supporting me, I wouldn't be in this mess looking over my dead body in the heavens.

So take heed live your life with true excellence if the opportunities are vivid and clear paint this picture with the passion from your heart or whats left of your happiness for all of us have struggles cause this life of money,drugs and corruption is a definite way to be in a calm state breathless....

The ending of my chapter.

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