Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Internal Animations & Afflictions

Although at times I'm flirting with death my pride won't let me fail. I am only destined to soar amongst the highest peaks of the horizon all perceptions built,is what I told my sister.

Since then and after my journey was presented by thy I praised embedded me with this fate
given talent. I then displayed the overstanding of detrimental truths in grace that us beings practice on the world priceless foundations. .

Its so clear and vivid I'm so close to it that the overwhelming aura has transcended me to absolute realms to a universe that is perfection.

Only The most high could construct this, I know faith shell set me free as long as I follow those chosen to complete the focus conflicting through the tension. Carnage couldn't prevail my dedications are eternal and may my soul and essence stay within the elements of the infernal.

I know I will be labeled truly outspoken when committing life to the divine writings.

Is it incorrect of my manners for me to picture my faith as being a beautiful women that would never dear to do me wrong as I presented her with my never dying love.

My faith speaks to me in my mind throughout telepathic therapy she enlightens me with purpose to carry me astray from the anguish the torture that swallowed me. I kept her elated at all cause for that reason only that she possess the same heart that I posses where we could never part for we are truly one.

Presented by my multiple acts as they come alive one by one each exhibiting there own cause. As pleasant as my imagination can be if my face is shown deception my other is born and can only react with violence verbally at first but if pushed can elevate a eternal shattering for all obstacles and meaningless opposers, chains I break them and I unleash all fury contained against my opponent as I smile with joy in the down coming of what makes the likes of your impudence appear.

I present all in silence and in peace and will love to contribute in the rebirth of our world where all evil is banished and defense is extended knowledge no longer misunderstood for it makes us all who we are.

Your insanities purpose is different from mines true I can use my energy negatively but I use my physic to travel in between worlds as I use this Jekyll & Hyde style of literature to present a three dimensional perspective biographical analysis.

I know if I continue to tower against the choices not made by me I will not have to worry about my every growing followers that have the same visons as me to none then other complete the focus encode it transmit a path showing its regin upon the highest galaxies and suns moons and stars.

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