Monday, February 7, 2011

The First Thing That Comes 2 My Heart

2 grow astray from the region of murder-land my destiny is eternal love. I am the resurrection of the kings and queens of royal heavenly entities. So I'm feared cause I can communicate to my inner soul and control the situations that stand b4 me.

Consistently in a meditated state of mind let go of the rage unleash the vengeance of tortured souls upon thee who threatens my precious soul. It's a struggle in its power to survive and defend all that birth my dreams to save the unborn of the infinity galaxies, Am I speaking from my insanity? Is my moral standards here or away from me?

You have to look over the highest horizon and beyond the peak to envision and stay in tune with the creators blessings. I can no longer hear my false ego and cannot have sight of fear for I am blind from the evil that tries 2 rule me.

Intaking the adrenaline that elevated my though process to uplift the stars to have them soar and display there extravagant shine. Doesn't it make complete logic? coming to peace with the lies and fighting throughout the mighty deception. I have become quite close to sorrow in the years that have passed although I know that no matter how painful my trials are, no matter how unfair the chains of fate lock and free me as a poetic scribe I uncover the truths which connects the dotted lines of my long awaited journey that will prepare me...not only prepare but become one with my knowledge to teach and educate that importance of maintaining your purity through the brutality we see.

To restore the faith and nurture it 4 the leaders and all that stand for justice will regin their assistance the battle-cry is released there is no turning back accelerated to the present.
This the first thing that comes to me heart.....

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