Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Longer Blinded By The Heart Dedicated 2 Huda Abdul

2 have this connection we have I'm 4ever grateful my appreciation goes far as thanking the most high cause u r truly a angel in my eyes. 2 be blessed 2 have the privilege 2 be upon ur presence is a desire I hold on 2 with all my heart. Ur beauty is so radiant and undeniable, natural with so much purity so very intriguing, continuing 2 keep my interest alive and well.

I can't help but 2 express the happiness, u make me feel a high that can only b labeled as dreams of complete ecstasy, I see the visions ever so clear. U stimulate my mind and put me in a steady state of contemplation only 4 the better, the worst isn't a issue when in conversation with u.

4 I look in 2 your gorgeous eyes and fall in 2 a trance seeing everything about u is true. Studying ur complexion marveling at ur grace making me feel sedate with my head in the clouds. U make my motivation b driven going a thousand miles and beyond in 2 heavenly thoughts.

In a sense it's like time comes 2 a cease, I can't help 2 have my heart skip a beat cause my attraction towards u grows and grows,but my friendship that I have with u is so imperative and flows as deeply as the wandering waters of world.

From your meaningful sweet intentions, true affection and support this is what goes through my mind. I look up in the sky wishing 2 be where u r cause the joy u make me feel I cherish the moments and the words exchanged. I battle 2 stay strong cause the distances makes me weary at times but 2 b blessed 2 have gotten 2 know u is just honestly a wish come true.

One day I hope 2 hopefully hold u close 2 me cause I do wish 2 keep you warm throughout the storm and embark on a destiny where 2 hearts can become one and shine eternally similar 2 the vibrant rays of the eternal sun. From ur unforgettable smile 2 ur precious elegance these memories I have with always represent this bond which I believe was none other then heaven sent.

No mater what happens Huda, or what decision you make I will be here 2 remain some how some way. Sincerely -F.I.R.E. aka Wynton Jamal Colter

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