Monday, July 11, 2011


The stress continues to cloud my mind I feel my patiences withering away every passing moment. I hate the fact that my soul can't control this fear cause I truly see the horror in my eyes when in the mirror. I'm steady in speculation of what my next error will be so I can quickly remove it and go forth on this journey of hatred and agony. The smoke I inhale engulfs my lungs and I commence a mental battle making all my sorrow perish within in the fires of my motivation. The motivation that keeps me alive, what a description to convey that this is my heart fighting the relentless trenches the world displays.

Cursed writings I construct learning to never fall in the foolish mind state of love because the though will only bring forth madness there is only spiritual awareness, brief admiration and personality classes. I have had it I can't no longer invision the rapture I pray to the most high to keep me in contact with my tactics as I research to escape the massess. I close my eyes and in sight are swords clashing between righteousness and evil. What is to come of all this? The crave grows stronger within I purse a life of sin to survive it has become more of a struggle to hold on to faith and posses pride. Now as you can see it has become harder for two souls to relate cause deception came in the picture turning warm hearts to cold emotions only to drown in their conditioned thoughts of commotion.

Merely going astray from the clutches of ruthless demons, their wicked hearts glow with a never dying sinister passion. Overwhelming intentions producing nothing but grief. I clear my mind to march forward to a new beginning to analyze the poisons.

I ask you when you read this am I truly insane? or do I make things clear to you throughout these meditation methods I hope to be of assistance defeating the trials of every day lifestyles of trifle encounters so that warriors male or female reach progression.

Is it really a horrid transition to reamin true and break the fatal self destruction connections? The nightmares are vivid and there is no hope to unleash a fury to destroy them if the faith is alone to conflict with the hardships.

My eyes bleeding from the murders and yet I'm going deaf from the screaming of the planet being raped of all its natural resources. The sickness growing at a epidemic rate the cause being the molestation and poverty not having any nutrition to survive these are the real life situations that are ignored on a regular basis. So now am I justified to have hatred or to have a broken heart with a military mind state, being a witness of hellish escapades. Grasping on to my morals keeping me wise forever comprehending the crave which is truly explained as the greed unlocking the corruption in a haste. My world reflections what is to come of the human race???

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