Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Progression.

Wishes stay in my mind frame, these hardships got me wondering do miracles even exist? Throughout my prayers I hope that I can come close to clarity in the fatal abyss. I know my writings will be viewed to certain individuals as suicide notes but those that value this art will see that my creations are my recordings of fighting evil on a everyday basis.

In these corrupted circumstances it's like these snakes and fakes preserver but let the truth be told authentic followers have no fear even better conquer the wicked actions of all back stabbers and those that practice the doings of the wicked art. At times I feel my heart growing weak so poetry I speak to keep the rhythm and hold on to the beat of my motivation regaining control of my emotions.

My journeys of going under assisted me in my struggles to submerge throughout trails that once looked so overwhelming. The odds of destruction depicting the failure was face to face with me. Positivity is what I grasp for battling in the hatred storms keeping in mind that true happiness will one day be born.

To sore is what I invision no longer kept in suspension of my sinister intentions that only seems to arise when my benevolence is took for granted its respect that I long for and I truly demand it on every aspect. Knowing that these demons come sideways and pledge to be never stood corrected this is what proves to make the situations I encounter every so hectic.

In these times you can't give your love to just anyone cause either you will be emotional damaged or staring at the barrel of a gun and when death comes smiling there is no other way to run. Its so clear to me now to never trust anyone cause in the end it seems their main mission and train of though is to bring you down forgetting the pleasant times you delivered.

Lost in the depths of my own agony these nightmare just become more clear. I had to obtain knowledge and keep in my mind that ones fear is only a part of someones imagination either to test you or control your every move.

Not to mention these make believe remnants of these horrific visions transmitted in to our brains activates the spark to create scare tactics. I know that it is a deeper message then to just entertain otherwise where does the ideas of this evil come about.

Minds clouded with destruction we stay in speculation of who can save us when the answer is already within only the inner self can over throw what is labeled as sin.

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