Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I was told to dream and reach for the stars but no longer does this ambition exists, how can I create when I'm trapped in this sorrow filled abyss nothing but darker encounters at every corner keeping my faith even though inside I feel like I'm a goner. So many emotions to overcome keeping whats left of my happiness but the struggle has just begun.

Viewing the circumstances for what it really is I know I'm not going hysterical I can feel the treachery in the air being loyal is not a intention that people wish to embrace with care. I write poetic scriptures to keep my mind away from the persistent trouble using all the might I can muscle eyes blurry from climbing making my way out the furious fires of the forsaken tunnel.

It's enough to make you scream with total frustration I walk beside my enemies not yet showing my hatred. For I have studied the way of generals in war only to explore another method beyond that opened door.

I have grown in many ways and the people around me that I though would never change introduced me to another level of this game. I know now that I am alone in my thoughts when it comes to being true when I was younger this never was a though although I payed attention to the clues my strength was every so high. My mind set was geared to never lose heart cold made of stone so agony would came and go so my feelings were never bruised.

Seeing the wicked use these back stabbing tactics with a compassion lashing and it's madness that these are the type of actions going on all across the atlas.Truly the worst to see two faces within your faction then there is a need for subtraction when it's your comrades that wanna
see your skull get fractured by any means. This is the suffering from jealousy and greed murder without a cause the bigger picture is
obscene. Then individuals wonder why there is so much grief and the love is incomplete and this is why I cannot come to terms to dream
cause in this dimension of corrupted intentions you have to stay awake you can never sleep.

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