Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Focus on Structure

A posture to prevail over chaos is what I pray to embrace. A new day to use the embedded hatred within, that was invested in the passing years will soon make every difficult circumstance every so clear. Reunited with the love and guidance given from my former teachers that programmed in my mind to stay astray from the corrupted preachers.

Every learning experience doesn't hold a positive appearance reaching forward knowing that the hands of time are not on my side with a dying motivation inside. I have herd the cries of the defeated sensed the failure of the misleaded I pledge aligence to my spirit and for this reason the battle cry I unleash makes all demons flee it.

Walking amongst the vivid stars soaring beyond and far above the dececption I came across that overwhelmed me. I was blinded feeling deeply that my soul was lost while engaging in evil situations,little did I know that patiences was a key attribute maintaining my meditation contemplating on ways to utilize truth I'm faced with.

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