Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Meaning

 My inner most truest thoughts a beautiful place with no suffering in my vision. Just the progression of generations to come implementing the wondrous perpetuations of ones complete mental sight to keep this motivation we call faith alive. 

 If they truly knew..... meaning that if each individual attains these lost scriptures blinded by society's wrath progression will only have took place. This truth unfolded and exposed my third eye to see the lies and deception. Murderous cries filled with sorrow of the cheated, deceived, and the souls that were consumed by misfortune.

 Of course now you will observe life soar amongst the universe understanding the complexities to come close to the pain. What does all the suffering mean in this world ? Feeling as I put to much thought in to my journey cause my thoughts patterns are abnormal truly knowing the meaning of life in ones self.

 This nature has been embedded since birth then they control my thoughts throwing sinister brain vibrations to my very soul trying to program me with fear...  how absurd to control then pursue with actions of intimidation trying to erase what I already know when the purpose to live is to experience and capture moments through life changes.

 There has to be a reason for struggling because to reach out and finally grasp  that longed for isolated period of elation knowing that success is one with the beat of your heart and yet the cycles in this realm goes on forever never to part.

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