Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feeling Unknown

 Peaking out my window mind full of stress searching for a way to escape the lingering agony in my chest. My evil intentions turned to sinister actions living life in the fast-lane in a rush to die because I know I will finally see the peace that I long for in a realm of tranquility with a mind thats clear no longer embracing tears.

 At times I sense my connection with the creator is fading away I talk to my inner soul hoping whatever is out there hears my cries of depression so I can embrace moments of happiness. Trust is just a mere understanding incomplete thoughts of being true.

 Mercy Mercy I yearn to feel the passion of true glory no more torture stories lost in my patterns went beyond insanity praying for a possible change smoking in the night air pressure building battling to shake the corruption losing control of sight and mind.

 Alone to face my fear what is the outcome  sick of seeing these visions of misfortune feeling as though another spirit has took over eyes full of hatred killing all symbolic presentations of love.

 Overwhelmed by the struggle I hear the chimes calling my soul leaving my body as I sleep traveling the atmosphere to analyze the galaxies I can't travel to embedded in this vessel...the creator delivered a message to me and I'm just reflecting on what to embrace so many blessing to see.


  1. That was amazing and very deep. I hope you find the peace you've been seeking.

  2. Thanks Domo :) I just came across your comment. I hope we can all embrace that simply peace oneday.