Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Basis

To understand creation its self is to take pride in the expression of art.

The perpetuation of ones truest ambitions displayed through various forms

Taking control of the incentive to craft and inspire the hearts of creative beings throughout the realms far and near.

Coming to the conclusion that all talent has purpose to live thus giving birth to  immortality.

In the days to come and the years to face as the passages are recored in time all beings that are chosen by art purest legacies will have traveled.

Knowing what we are as a nation of creative beings one with the life stream constructed by the creator its self. The remnants of mother nature consistently being feed absorbing all experiences around us.

Capturing the violence surviving to see the sun.

Feeling the agony of those that live with adversity battling with the circumstances before them.

Teaching from all life lessons learning to let go of the anguish to create a means of positive energy to be expressed and promote growth within the mind.

Labels and restrictions will never let be and witness the sky....

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