Friday, May 10, 2013

Recreation Of Thy Self.

 Longing for a simple solution to all the adversity I consistently embrace.  Throughout the moments of confusion its appears within the course of evil taking place I have become a accomplice to the destruction channeled surely equipped and laced. 

  Living life carelessly in a struggle dwelling on my despair. No longer able to make a means of positivity instead wicked thoughts lead me near.

  I know I lost all connection with my heart cause the storm has took over with no intentions to create or explore. In addition growth is particular ascending to the skies are in my clearest pictures.

  They stare at me wondering what corrupts my mind but I wish to stand alone facing the evil with the progression of the inferno making its mark on what is left of this dying spirit.

 Staying reserved and quiet will create peace in my eyes cause to interact is to take a risk of dealing with individuals not knowing their ulterior motives with evil in their thought process. To be honest I can't seem to bare anymore stress the negative decisions that I have made in my past are taking its advantage to fully consume me.

 Feeling my soul is above me literally losing my sanity being torn apart from my true reflection which is the inner me. 

Terrified to pray at night cause my imagination takes me through trickery demons in my visions evil laughter surrounding me staying diligent forever appreciative for all blessings.

I close my eyes and continue to show praise for my talents I posses cause I could have been born in this sinister world with less. 

So I am thankful for breathing as I continue to put my self to the test which is this reality. Will I survive or be next to have my spirit released from my chest. In this battle to regain self and control contemplating on what awaits me next?

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