Sunday, May 12, 2013

Last Seeing

With no resentment I let my anger and hate flow proudly through my viens. The names of my enemies are being called wildly throughout the night annoying my very spirt to maintain my composure. My mind twisting to the point I can only ignore the positivity that surrounds me and approach the negativity with devilish eyes. Due to my failure I know I will have to pay the price for the destruction building inside.

Not to mention I want a better life for my family and those that continue to guide me showing me ways past my misfortune. Honestly I don't know how many more sleepless night I can take before I grab my weapons and take measures in to my own hands. Proceed to grab these demons by the neck and demand my right to live freely.

Walking alone listening to the whispers of those that came before me praying that I will be forgiven for my sins as I embrace the darkness that awaits me. Refusing to accept the fact I'm wrong for my violent intentions when I vow to protect all that I love.

Paranoia making me insane,vivid pictures of slaying the serpent watching it squirm in weakness beneath me.

Still wanting to remain focus and figure out the true meaning behind my suffering. Although these circumstance are less for others I wish to not experience no more heart ache draining me of my motivation. I talk to the creator and remain patience and try not disregard the education.

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