Monday, May 13, 2013

No Mercy For The Weak

  No more time for tears and sorrow, I have to gather my strength for the road ahead of me. Indecisive on which  direction I should go. Dreaming of a heaven humans conversate about but I know I have to go beyond for more effective results to build my own kingdom. My soul is out of touch with the creator above all I see in my vision are more hard times to endure.

 People talk of better days but I will no longer be foolish and not concentrate on times where I won't have to experience trails and tribulations comprehending that this is the natural course of life.

As I sleep I feel the energy of spirits above the celling pulling me closer to the darkness. I close my eyes and embrace my fate wondering what the outcome will produce.

In dire need to increase my methods of defense find a away back to this lost happiness I been searching for. Using my courage cause I know I must still fight even though I feel that the odds are against me. A strong passion to make all these snakes resentment me for being loyal and struggling to be well in mind and soul giving me distorted messages.

To soar away from all the stress bringing me down is only a mere fantasy....

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