Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Replenishing The Mind And Soul. Dedicated To Paige Bradshaw.

Words can't explain how grateful I am to embrace your companionship. Instead of judging me you make attempts to motivate my spirit when it has a tendency to be at its low. Even though I have not physically met you our mental connection is so very potent.

How I long for the day to see your warm smile. To be able to hold you close to my heart so you can feel me calling for you and only you.  Having our eyes meet would be a ambition fulfilled.

No one in my view can compare to your vibes you deliver me from misery. Knowing inside that I make you go astray when my sorrow consumes me. Forever apologetic for my changing faces I don't mean to be in this consistent state of desolation. At times the trails and tribulations of the world get to me so I isolate my self to regain my spirt and recollect my thoughts.

All it takes is a simple conversation, to hear your words to see your face the distance between us no longer plays a factor. Feeling though that we are closer to each other then it appears.

It remains clear to me that our fates was destined to be. I maintain my courage preparing for the moments when we may have to part praying that we will one day return to make it complete when all is said and done.

Seeing us succeed is something I wish to one day see making it be a reality more then a mere dream the two of us share.

You inquire about my admiration for you and try to understand my attraction. Doesn't matter to me at all its a privilege to me to show you how you make this heart race marathons as long as your willing to listen I have nothing but time.

I adore you for everything you are no body else believed in me like you have my shining star far away in another universe.  Releasing me from my curse always persistent to show me positivity reminded me of a brighter day.

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