Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To The Fiery Abyss And Back

   A combination of emotions inside keeps me under the clouds of confusion. A battle within my very own mind so many personalities to sort through in a struggle to reach what is true.  Violence and money has corrupted me in this sick world filled with destruction. Vivid pictures of this curse and its effects maintaining my composure knowing deep inside my heart I'm blessed.

  Persistent in my ways to find a cure from the immature decisions that I have made putting my family in danger embarrassing not only my self but those that have given me strength,confidence and consistent knowledge of the cruelty this realm presents.

 Now that I am in touch with my god given talent reunited with the spirit of my ancestors I see evil from a far and demolished the sinister energy in myself harnessed it then proceed to fight with aggression upon this ruined wicked lands.

 To prevail amongst my enemies would be the sweetest revenge to embrace success leaving those that presented  hate and snake tactics in the darkness of my despair.

  Feeling laughter when I am approached by advisories I unleash pure demonic intent. Never will I fall again being guided by the creator above.  Comprehending the balance knowing that each individual upon this earth has a double standard energy surrounding them.

  I devote my self to prepare for battle at all cause at any time and moment  those controlled by the sneaky serpent may raise their ugly head to produce more trickery but I will be free to annihilate all opposers who stand before me.

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