Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life And Times Of A Poetic Scribe ( Demon Slayer)

 It pains me to see my loves ones in agony and sorrow. Although we don't live a lavish and lucrative life the love and care stays alive and well. Father providing protection and strength without hesitation keeping a watch on his health. While Mother staying focus on the foundation building positive circumstances trying to keep the family intact tell me to honor thy self. Sister dealing with the pressures of the cruel world always reminded that she has to do this on her own directing her daughter to the moon and stars.

 Keeping a firm grasp on faith knowing that the neighborhood is no longer safe. Gunshots in the darkness rang out trying to ignore the destruction eyes wide open starting to the heavens. The addiction has took over but still I remain a solider educating my self on the corrupted streets every waking day and sleepless night.

 Becoming one with my craft once more after a period of distractions in a quest to come closer to my professional passion.  Truly contemplating on what awaits me in the future I can't produce visions of being a coward fighting devils with bravery knowing they won't let up until I fall.

 So to the creator I call to assist me in these challenges that prove to be detrimental to the mental. Gathering all that I can to bring forth more intellectual methods to regain my sanity.

 Closer to the cliff fighting off the wickedness screaming back with a vicious and violent tone. To destroy evil you have to understand evil to pave a way towards the righteous horizon. People are becoming possessed losing sight of the their psyche going fully astray from what could create more of a beautiful future for ones self. Careless about those that change their direction I will defend thy self when the plots start connecting and the devious energy is born.

No desires to leave scorn so from the errors I have made I'm prepared for the intense battles that will come in the future. I'm not trying to be a crazed shooter trained to trigger my frustration but to control my demons and unleash them at my disposal guaranteed to leave them frozen.

I will live on for my family and those that thoughtlessly stood in my corner when I felt as though I was true goner. You never know what to expect in this days and times of the sinister and delusional but I fought for freedom on mind and soul and I reamin cold towards these snakes and backstabbers that lost all control death to all my merciless foes let them be dinner for the crows.

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