Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unchained ( A Free Mind)

 Was once a young ambitious individual then I came close to realization and embraced the harsh predicaments surrounding me, came to grow colder more intelligent of the ways that breath evil approach me.

Careless of what awaits me came to sight with trouble just thankful to be put in the credits of another day. Although so much pain inside I unleash my fury on those I despise. Honestly what I'm to do living in this sick society praying the higher political authorities don't erupt a natural force of a becoming we can not evade seriously where can we escape?

 Those close to the life-stream feel the frustrations of mother nature through methods to unleash natural forces of a unexplainable wrath. I like to imagine that those that died before us are to experience no more pain in peace of mind and heart free from agony and strain to rest in heaven in away from the cruelties of the realm.

No answer as to why people go on in to the next life, Although allot of us consume our selves in more poison chanting you only live once taking advantage of the air you breath. This is a part of my chapter the people I observe giving me memories when my body is non- existent but `my inner being and thoughts and words eternally flow.

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