Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 It's amusing how people tell you things are going to get better. I disregard those words and reply lace up your boots and take shelter. This is a war as you can see, I feel the animosity in the air filled with motivation to make those with positivity fail.

I can stand the reign I won't be thrown over left to crumble upon my throne.  Knowing that it is essential to practice my craft on a consistent basis. At times not having a aim can make things more difficult but I never fail to impress thy self unveiling the dark times and agony filled in my chest.

Feeling if I use my mental I can't deliver the raw emotion to structure for contextual display. Harnessing energy from the life-stream in silence fully concentrated on my focus. Awaiting for the next demon to pull my card so I can unleash the whole deck upon the wicked souls clouding my mind.

To hell if I fall so I keep my visions on the blessing above, Showing no love nor concern viens filled with ice, heart made of stone. Having these attributes makes the anguish I embrace pass with ease and the evil thoughts cease.

Engulfing smoke regaining my peace of mind, going far and beyond showing my morals and loyalty is true. The mistakes that have been made make me become ever so discouraged then something overwhelms brining forth a force I doubt even existed.

The creator walks beside me as I walk upon the fire filled path coming closer to my destiny.( F.I.R.E.)  Dreams of abolishing all my fears and go in to first gear mind released from bondage now all I want to do is commence the slaughter against those that oppose me on a physical and mental.

Forever diligent in these war tactics, I will not deny that these circumstances are designed to drive any one towards insanity.  They say only if you let it,but you can't stop the inevitable you make peace with the circumstances and withstand the pain until the sun shines making the world a little bit closer to not this feeling though of as happiness but growth that contains the key to ascending.

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