Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Are Own Savoirs

 I wish I could be free from the stress in addition the pressure is putting me on the brink of destruction. Heart filled with rage traveling throughout my whole body awaiting to explode on my enemies like a kamikaze . Seeing them within in my vision peace not in mind only my downfall. 

 Darkness all around me as I struggle to please those in my path. No longer do I have vivid dreams of me  pulling my self out the snake pit.  These leaders passion is so synthetic I cannot sit by and not notice that my very pride is diminishing. 

 I'm growing weary from the misfortune, I wonder why those without a care in the world are continued to be rewarded by the wicked actions they produce.  I pray in the night to restore my faith and keep my communication with the heavenly creator alive as I strive to embrace the radient vibes from the sun.

 A plan to acquire a understanding to protect my self and endure the trails before me. Practicing skills to send these devils back to there maker cause truth be told we are own savoirs.  Nobody to trust in this very realm filled with cruelty. 

 Lost track of these lessons given to me. My family steady stressing and my only ambition is to open the doors of a well deserved heaven but we remain in a hell built for the rich to survive. I try not to cry and let my sorrow devour all that I have worked for. Distractions cloud my mind awaiting a time where suffering won't be a issue any longer.

 Going insane cause I don't know what to expect following the sevens I see in my everyday waking. Hoping that every time I see the number of my star it will continue to give me the drive to go far. Fake smiles and concern makes my blood boil I praise those with appreciation that were authentic with their benevolence.

 Will I ever grow is the question that stays embedded in my mind as I sigh with depression on my breath. Knowing that I will be next I evade my fear come face to face with my lonely spirit. I wish to embrace the beautiful skies above to soar and explore this meaning of life.

 Walking with the devil talking to the creator at heart. Wondering when did this battle inside even start. The feeling of evil is in the air knowing that I have to stay prepared and constantly come unfamiliar with this imagination labeled fear.

 Love doesn't exists for me and I have come to agree with these terms. I look below me and can't come to realization that hell is existent cause I can see the fire all around me innocent souls catching hell flames poverty and disrespect fuels this very environment.

 No more times of unity just rapid spitting serpents and back-stabbers armed to max. Burning bridges with sickness and death blessed to be somewhat healthy and strong even though I poison my self on a regular letting go of the grasp I once had of my self control.

 Awaiting for my fate in these upcoming years to come. Praying that the moves that I make in the next five will be a least stressful one equipped with weaponry if wicked one comes for me.  To be a better son stays on my mind so when my mother and father pass on no worries will be upon their spirits. When we say our farewells I pray that my children will be able to witness the wisdom that I was fortunate to obtain applying game feeling no froms of shame.

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