Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sought Out For Annihilation.

   I witness all the black educated women walk in the grace of heaven striving to up bring this misguided generation. The faith stays persistant while true actions of those carrying a pure heart are released.  The pain can not be imagined due to the scenarios our women are put through I'm grateful for the souls that fought through the corruption to envision skies of blue.

  Blessed to have a african understanding forever appreciative of my ancestors teachings passed on to the stars in a on going universe. Although knowing that allot of our youth are still blind from conditioning battling the transformation of a second childhood. Taught not to value life around them and the essence within in that can allow them to levitate and rise amongst the clouds reveling a pleasant destiny far away from sin.

  People fed lies on a regular basis seeking truth as to why society continues to prey on the communities already with less or nothing. Evil smiles from the devious politicians and authorities here to protect and serve when all they continue to do is desecrate and purge. 

  Prayer is the only result but we as a people have to fight for a new beginning so that our children and their children may have a chance for recreation. I know inside its to late because the production of famine and poverty is far off in its course to implant and a gain a secure cradle for its roots. Exterminating those that only knew a life of suffering quick to let their firearms loose.

 Only to be lied to by those that vowed to introduce a least chaotic livable circumstances. Opportunities fade away in the distant horizon erasing what was left of hope for a promising future which continues to remain in ruins. 

Pollution will never cease mother nature will not sleep without correcting this error plus destruction will never be approaching darkness at a face pace creep. Murder in the air tearing us apart the fall of a great nation stays in the dreams of wealthy elites plotting on world domination stripping us of unity and dedication. A well balanced mind and soul is essential and then at that moment we shall reach progression. Hearts turned cold forcing those that are non-violent to be bold struggling to not sell the essence of self. And yet I wonder when will truth be told...

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