Friday, May 31, 2013

Enough To Make Your Mental Collapse.

 A highly anticipated for seeing of the overwhelming world government power has swept upon us.
Broken promises fill the land education is no longer fundamental to those that strayed away to ignore the fact that care is need in our communities. 

  Survival has become a must no longer a pleasurable experience made to learn intriguing skills sets proven to give off qualities of life changing growth. Is this a continuation to destroy the mind of already striving african child. I was blessed to have the lessons taught to me and within my progression I knew this was sacred to my life.

 We have more explanations for failure then success I know people walk with hate for the living circumstances they have. No wonder people result to a gun and a mask extortion and schemes lets not forget the sinister plots corrupted hearts restort struggling in these mercy filled parts.

 The rapid virus will spread across nations of the minority are you ready for the atrocities and wicked evil striking fear starring hopelessly at doom. Gaining more of our imagination unleashing a killing spree amogunst are selfs the annihilation of a ancestry divine nation has commenced.

 Please god take my body from my soul if my family reaches harm in this murderous segregated terrain laced with insanity. Trusting in every conflict I can recollect from wishing that my strength will be enhanced fighting the newest addition of heartless breed. 

 In the wasteland everyone lives by destroy with no trust and erase them before they put rest to self.  To have a razor sharp intellect is feared by my kind and race felt enlightenment that ceased the blind condition that kept me away from my true essence. 

 Knowing that I can longer be still, hyperventilating from the violent adrenaline rush holding my spirit just making attempts to live life in some sense of peace. Could care less for peoples intentions towards me remaining alone following the signs weaponry in hand hatred in mind. I have to release my self from the demons within me grasp, collecting the remnants of my shattered spiritual foundation.

 To prevail stays in sight I will do all I can to uplift my dying generation harnessing my patients.   
Fulfilling the lost souls with motivation and aspirations that once faded away in the depressing times. Where crime is relavent to those with no direction nor assistance coming close the evil bliss bless vowing to live relentless.


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