Thursday, June 6, 2013

Resurrected (Immortality)

  I have no other instructions to deliver but approach your enemies with a concentrated rage with weapons in hand. Its better to be prepared for the chaos from others that creep and plot on the downfall of benevolent men. This a cold world young soul so there is no other option but to be bold.

 I kept my dreams alive throughout our conversations remaining forever patient awaiting our moment to finally meet. The distance between us formulates a longing expression ment to be fulfilled on that beautiful waking day. Sleeping on my cash advances but yet steadily blessing surround me praying for them to be ever-lasting.

 Militant mind state always expanding my knowledge taking whats left of everything I'm left with and salvage and produce a new hope for my beginnings. Pressure mixed with paranoia can't produce diamonds only a heart filled with pain from the senseless trails of internal aching.

 Totally out of my character ignoring the negativity is a must in this double standard world who can you really trust? My advisories long for the opportunity to do harm but I'm diligent moving throughout the storm evading the scorn from the lightning filled skies. A brief period to finally arise witnessing falling debris of the once tranquil imagination I had envision for my self.

 What is true freedom? Something that I will not be able to embrace in its purest form.  All I see is more misfortune with no escape from the violent tendencies when people get a spark of evil harnessing a back-stabbing energy.

 Why do they choose to violate me , I blame myself for not using my intelligence under these circumstances. Lost all control of the peculiar things I endured,bless the soul that can control their own forever hungry on a verge to explore the mysterious and held secrets that will reveal the brilliance of the  deceitful.

 This is my exam I hope to be able to ascend to a greater level of maturity so that my reign will be felt through these words I construct for future generations to come. We reside in the slums where anything goes so a mind frame of how to maneuver through warfare will prove to be beneficial not to incriminate ones right to survive.

 The science of politics are misunderstood to those that don't choose to enable themselves to see the truth.They say in time all wounds will heal but in these times its fundamental that I not lose and prevail over the obstacles in my vision so I proceed with a murderous mind and agony filled heart in a struggle to not release these intentions.  Not even knowing if I will have the courage to arise from hell, demons keeping a hold on me in their desperate attempts to pull me down further in to the abyss.

 Fighting is no longer a option as I drown my self in to the flames letting the fire over power my lungs. Feeling the flesh of my body burning while my heart transforms to stone. Emotions felt no more as I breath smoke and release from my nostrils and at the ready plunge in to combat fear out of mind and failure not being a option upon my thoughts.

Seeing crooked smiles with false kind intentions made me move more with caution when it comes to making my self vulnerable to feel a detrimental wrath. A meaning to the path that was chosen for me is what I pray to see being one step closer to what will bring supreme clarity.

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