Thursday, June 6, 2013

To be liberated...

Trying ever so hard to protect my sanity it remains that the struggle lives with strength within my soul. When tomorrow comes I will be cold living in these devastating times. In a world where crime pays so how can you live righteously when the will to live depends on income am I'm still a slave to this evil asking my self what else is to come.

My ambitions are to climb the highest mountains to escape the never ending regin of trails coming my way. I fall down to my knees and continue to pray trying to see and envision another stage to correct these errors.

Mixed messages flood my mind I wish to make sense of it all feeling inside that I won't manage to let the agony go so I bond with these hellish predicaments and follow through connections becoming one with the flow this deep sorrow shows. I close my eyes to search for faith going throughout the hatred presented to me.

Everyday it becomes more of a burden to see betrayal for all the deception in the air is so clear negativity steams and blossoms in the progression to fight and set my self free.

The merciless wrath of these outcomes can drive any benevolent leader down the path of darkness transforming those individuals captured by the scandalous and heartless. Where is the cure to the sickness fevers fueled by destruction the craving for trouble regaining focus delivering a unstoppable commotion.

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