Friday, October 10, 2014

Germination Cycles

 Whats intriguing is that history repeats its self in various countless ways. Merging these god given understandings with the ways of life separating our selves from the trifling snakes.  When you reach the pits of fire you can only build from the aggression of evil switching its many faces and soar above the pure deception of transgression. Listen to the rain against the windows of our worlds foundation seeing our reflection in the water vibration as the drops kiss the concrete.

 The sun shines its radiance amongst the flowers which are our children building their strength from the minerals within in the dirt. One day their beauty will be the key to teach future generations awaiting to reach adulthood mind growing with a powerful soul teaching our daughters and sons of how to manage throughout imperfections.

 Then at that moment our linage comprehends their fate throughout the darkness the fire being the light to guide them but can damage their petals if they come to close to the scorching.

 Meaningless desires in materialistic wishes, losing sight to what its truly essential so they struggle  and take mental pictures to give them growth to move forward from commotion. Very few will be able to submerged throughout all these tribulations, but those that remained understood the romance and how love can be presented to build successful engagements.

Our youth is the seeds from the tree of life here to excel despite the atrocities that deliver fright to make individuals not want to journey beyond their shell protection them from certain discrimination.

 Faith is knowing that all paths that you come across will have obstacles but the elegance is that within the struggles all lessons taught will deliver the motivation needed to move those mountains blocking us from our truest dreams.

 Will the world learn not to judge? Its peculiar the moments everyone endures to reach success. And yet this is only the beginning we have not yet came to face our truest tests.


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