Saturday, October 4, 2014

You would switch. (Truth be Told)

I spend my nights wondering why I can't seem to rest. These four walls are starting to cave me in, I long for a new direction. Knowing inside my heart wants to explore and become one with what I have not yet touch or seen.

Growth is was I truly desire, investing my faith in my dreams while moving wandering from what the reality seems. To gain education of what I have not yet learned. To express my adversities cause in the end we all struggle to acquire. What we want to reach cannot just be given throughout speech, but expression of one's self.

 Insanity makes its way in to our mind frames, wanting to be a lead to inspire and give an alternative way when people strive for greatness and lose faith and began to pray. Let these prayers spark the mind to live on never to be forgotten battling within in the storm.

Once isolated but now seeks nutrition from the sun above,where governments can't control the  outcomes beyond the heavens above. Each of us possess gifts and talents learning to burn the hatred fueled with animosity and malice. On going teachings of how to diminish a steady movement gaining progression on a regular basis.

No ambitions to be confined, lost souls with no direction and as the stars shine for us to complete are destiny may we be free to soar the galaxies connecting with angels that blessed us in their daily observations.

 All of us embrace the flames of hell praying for protection not wanting to be a victim from stray gun fire and the brutalities of the system, or even worst a poisonous overdose those left to suffer in homelessness did they ever get a chance to embrace that false hope you speak of?

Witness the birth of the street hustlers, murderers and thugs the label that can't seem to be shook. Looking deep in the hellish eyes of the real terrorist and crooks.

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