Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Illegally Living

Thursday 11/5/2015 
Does all life really matter? cause apparently our lives don’t matter to you…..
Forever a student to my own aggression fueled by their very own lies. Instincts only proceeds to react violently in my very own defense.
Survival is key so the opinions of those that ridicule my well being burn from the fire of the bullets you embedded in the young and innocent.
This is righteousness to be liberated to speak with rage with no criticism towards the thought patterns of the truly oppressed.
 Petrifying the already chaotic your laughter and persistent mockeries translations no sympathy of the souls reaching for their loved ones in heavenly dimensions. Broken families hearts eternally suspended in agony that can’t be captured but only transferred. A respect never to be given the life and times of youth dying from a poison 
 For evil holds the faith of a justice that is not promising for the sons and daughters we pray for to reach tomorrow. Watching my own ancestral representations gradually be exterminated as if not already stripped of integrity.
Be fearful be frightened easily you can get the whole clip for your existence. Land of the free home of the brave disregard the evidence for who honestly cares if they live we built capital off them being slaves. 
Frowned on for rebelling wasn’t with your religion it didn’t inspire me to see pass the wicked intentions already set out for me.
Couldn’t come to terms with your political endeavours. For it was the heat of knife being slit across the chest branding of the concentration that will be resented never resonating. -I.N.F.E.R.N.O.

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