Sunday, October 4, 2009

Agony’s Pleasure

Saturday, March 08, 2008

My struggles picture seems 2 get more vivid day by day, i pray 4 better solutions searching 4 a better way. So use 2 being alone in this cold world, where ya homies calm 2 b ya ridahs,but wanna sex ur girl. I can't take the fakeness if u fit the gategory step away,cuz i wont hesitate 2 put a coward in their rightful place. Im srceaming F.A.C.all yall haterz can burn either by fire-arms weponary or from the underground abyss flames. My comrades know wass up I aint gotta explain the acronym, im steadly paper chasing hoping 2 b 4giving 4 my sins.

Thru all these hardships i can't seem 2 let go of the strain. I'm twisted, 4 1 reason cuz i want 2 release my self from agony,but even tho i have that desire my hunger grows 2 embrace more so that i may become stronger in body and mind. Kinda sick in a way, fever always running no know medication can deliver a treatment 4 me 2 b well again.This is agony's pleasure living this life struggling once again.

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