Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Reign of Fire...

Monday, March 10, 2008

I gotta keep it moving never losing my focus, struggling in this krazy cruel hell hole we call life.Ppl presenting fake smilez and never dying hate,but im in my own world day-dreamng about all of the pain going away. I'm labled a criminal cuz i carry protection, just thinking about how the crooked demons actions against my kind makes me hold and grip my weapons closer.

I know my mama worries but if i gotta die, im going out 4 justice and truth. Friends later on became heartless fake cowards. Once had the hearts of warriors but now, resemble 2 mice crumb snacthing trying 2 make it to the top, with their motivation being envy and hate. My mind frame is money, and weapons , i was raised 2 b militant and fight 2 defend at all cause. Aint no evil in the words i speak, just listen ihave nothing but game 2 share with the real ridahs struggling 4 abetter life. I don't acknowledge what ain't real u gotta b authentic 2 catch my eye and who ever want it come with heat cuz im ready 2 die.

I AINT GANGSTA , NOR THUGGIN BUT WHEN IT'S TIME 2 RYDE IM NOTHESITATING IM POKING EVERYTHING UP AND BLASTING ANY THING THAT COMES NEAR ME. It's a struggle 2 calm my reckless nature everyday,cuz these fakers b calling me out, so i shut them down with no remorse and make them choke off their blood, and preapre them 2 eternally sleep with the other worthless casualties that was caught in my blaze. My words can crack mountains and split the deepest waters...come and bring it cowards im ryding (remeber aint no mercy in these warfare hours just bring flowers)....

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