Sunday, October 4, 2009

Face 2 Face Pt.2 (Another Perspective)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What could b in store 4 2day. I'm in a haze trying 2 find a place 2 rest. I c nothing but sorrow filled dreams. I know the heartless coming 4 me,so i have 2 let my violent aggression b released. I feel such an empty feeling inside,which can b explained as an emotionless passion.

I have visions of these demons steadily laughing,playing tricks with sinister forces which makes me protect the heavenly side of me. It's seems ppl only respond 2 the hellish side of. Once again I'm labeled insane cuz my anger, my temper had enough of the nonsense,so Im suppose 2 lay back and let y'all crack my crown.I'm murderous inside look in 2 my eyes 2 proof that it's a know fact.

U cowards no nothing of me and my kind,i told u real will only prevail while all the fake die. Don't shed tearz now i have no mercy, my rhythm can't b decoded and every 1 want 2 have the heart of a lion but ain't ready 2 go beyond the depths of hell 2 acquire what they have dreamed 4 so long in quiet anticipation.

Never will i fail even if come face 2 face with Satan.

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