Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Pledge..

Friday, March 07, 2008


LOL. i ain't krazy my mind frame is different when i speak of demons i refer 2 the ppl that did me wrong and and will do me wrong in the future, So when i say i c demons coming 4 me thats what im referring 2............ take it anyway u want it, but the truth was just revealed.

I Pledge

First of all i have 2 pledge 2 never b fake, and mash all those who oppose and show no mercy on any coward or snake. Ppl got it twisted representing that disloyal nature and u wonder y im so violent and I'm pressured 2 protect my self. I ask my self y not show ever contender thats steps 2 me the beauty of releasing ur blood all over the concrete, the elegance of war shall b unleashed. Once again this is my curse i produce a reckless posture cuz of my place of birth. Can't lie the power is incrediable,althought if i reach my ture insanity knowledge will b obtain but i could b taking my last breathe.

It's all a mystery this krazy life of money and violence so i pledge 2 my self and deliver a moment of scilence, and pray 4 better days 2 bloom. Lucifer just smiling wanting me 2 give in im praying 2 the creator 2 4give me 4 all my sins. And if i shall die, and b sent 2 the firey abyss let it b know that i pledge 2 bring a end 2 all my hardships and move on 2 a better life 4 my family and friendz.

I ask my self will i b ready 2 ryde when the bells of judgement ring,sounding off the alarm. So now these heartless folks and demons want 2 rush me.... i take a deep breath and head 4ward 2 battle with weaponry in hand....

I can't depend on my ridahs 4 i have 2 fight this alone, eyes focus ready 2 rip all the competition apart. And if they really want me they can come and get me ,but please believe that I aint going down without a fight, im cutting and slashing until i lose my life.- Wynton aka I.N.F.E.R.N.O.

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