Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tha Strugglez of a Paper Chaser

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Inspiration from The Glamorous Life -Big Pun

Money iz not only a need but also a mission I have 2 complete,I have 2 acquire more. You can get it twisted like making that bread ain't what makes the world go round, but I can’t b broke I gotta do whatever it takes 2 make my income larger.

Who told u I cant get true happiness by getting my currency. I know trails and tribulations will disappear cuz the 1 thing I need I will have that will lead me 2 a lavish life.

I c u in my sight , jealous fake cowards and snakes with ur hands out trying 2 persuade me 2 give up my riches. I keep my game tight and stay away from the heartless few who impersonate and take any chance they get 2 destroy and mis-represent what I created with truth. I have no mercy I just throw them away like the garbage that they present cuz if it aint about dollarz then it don’t make cents..

Can u picture it so clear, I can comprehend the language but my flows and talents r depicted as an art form. Half Technique Half Intelligence just makes me ready 4 war.

4 those that don't know i need my dollarz and if u double cross me best believe im ryding. Is all about this green paper I'm climbing my way 2 the top mashing all who opposes. I'm stuck in maze gotta duck evade keep my prayers in my heart in this merciless paper race........

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