Sunday, October 4, 2009


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Although I'm going 2 have deep lacerations of agony in my chest, I have 2 remain strong. Situations occur 4 a reason, those that left just were not meant 2 b in my future. I have 2 learn 2 live with out these certain individuals cuz in the end life goes on.

I know the pain iz deep in ur chest , I been praying 4 the pain 2 b put 2 rest.There is nothing more I can contribute u wont open ur heart so I can only walk away srry 2 put u in a state of misery but it’s clear 2 c that i have 2 simply set u free... cuz i feel no equality.

Do u feel happiness please just find something better, something with more 2 offer. I'm bad news searching 4 hope in many ways. Im trying 2 flee away from my sorrow still on that never ending journey of reach true healing.

I know this fire inside it will never die 4 it has merged and become 1 with my heart. I feel a mixture of hatred creating a whirlwinds 2 deliver suspense and thrills come closer and truly understand my ambitions.

I can't vision anything positive this iz just explained as a year of hell. Demons calling unleashing their fury I gotta stay on task my advisories steady knocking on my door, im on the other side with both knifes out and guns fully equipped with ammunition that can b evaded. Listen and the Follow The Realest U Shall Find Truth From Your Struggles. Save my soul holy one here comes the trouble

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