Sunday, October 4, 2009


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blood on my hands, Hate in my eyez..nothing more nothing less 4 my enemies. I speak the truth cuz me being fake i just can’t paint the picture. I can only paint with red fluids of those i truly despise. Jealousy done corrupted yall, it seem 2 b no know respect 4 morals and loyalty. I c fakers coming 4 me, i ain't running it’s whatever 2 me I'm on a mission 4 money,and when its time 2 ryde I'm willing 2 die.

Trouble lurking around the corner, ppl alwayz wanna start it’s just no escape i can’t live a peaceful life my heart longs 4 . I want 2 make the world a better place,but i gotta protect my self it’s a must if i don't rush them first i will b a victim of a fake ridah.

Once again it’s another struggle crooked individuals wanna c my brains on the pavement(come and get me) i cant deny ppl of my real mentality and thoughts. I spread wisdom only a few will actually catch on and b ready 2 fight the demons that await in the storm. Hell iz what u make it , u can’t fear the evil,cuz inside they r nothing but cowardly heartz looking 4 their opportunity 2 shine...

These fake women dont make it any better,claim they want 2 deliver love i laugh at the loose sexual transmitted disease with no mercy .Money hungry and all, with they hands what if I have anger in my heart i wont b the next man paying 4 u 2 have a luxurious life. I'm alone in this cruel world,so I'm keeping my weapons close, try hard not 2 get toasted by the barrells of flames..and stack more money in this life of sin...this iz krazy just nothing but a game i gotta stay strong and b ready 4 the hell sent. So don't blame me 4 my ways I will not become a matter of nothingness. P.P.C aka Inferno

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