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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I ask 4 the lord 4 u not 2 b an angel in disguise really out 2 harm me once again. I finally realize that ain't no good in being the guy that cares.My mind state is more money,thats the only thing that matters,and having weapons close by my side 4 those that wish 2 c my blood splatter.I shall not b another real ridah only 2 b depicted as another victim,if i gotta go im taking all u snakes with me and we can battle it out in hell eternally.

I hear the souls of the dead,my ancestor calling me whispering 4 me 2 pray. My truest desires is 2 slay, i c nothing but evil and u want me 2 pray,lol. Innocent ppl die everyday, and never get justice 4 the wrong that was done 2 them.

U want me 2 call the higher authorities i cant picture it. I have 2 take matters in my hands. I ain't scare 2 dance with death,im ready 2 bleed im busting and stabbing fake ridahs till my last breath. I aint just writing this 4 my health, this world ain't the way it use 2 b, i gotta protect my self if i meant 2 go let the creator call upon me when all is said in done..i walked in the most violent flames think again all u snakes and fakes ain't never gonna 4get my name I'm ur nightmare.

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