Sunday, October 4, 2009


Posted at 04:57 PM on July 22, 2009

Who can u trust, is ur smile as warm as u present it. Are u smiling laughing because u feel that I am not aware of ur actions.

U seem so, kind do u truly care? are u willing 2 shed blood like I would 4 u. Is this a plot will u be that person 2 try 2 bring me harm will u be the reason y hurt lives..

I protected u, gave u faith and u repay me by stabbing me with the dagger of deception. Those scandalous individuals that wish 4 me 2 feel the hail of fire fail 2 realize that I'm 2 strong my pride wont' let me give in 2 u two-faced good 4 nothing jealous snakes, I know ur intentions.

I'm not unaware that u wish 4 me 2 break... U crossed m3 twice third times a charm I want retaliation it's time 4 me 2 show u the wrath I kept inside watching ur stupidity grow by each passing day.

Keep in mind that I will b smiling in the end when I see u at ur fall,

U put me in danger sooo should I b the one 2 toss the coffin and bring u 2 ur misery. I promise 2 make all u eager 2 bite snakes taste the bitter retribution I have in store and If it all comes 2 an end realize the truth real warriors like me never flee fakers get buried ready 2 embrace me and will introduce u 2 ur final fate.

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