Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holding On 2 My Sanity.

I am enraged inside feeling alone with no sense of comfort. Learning 2 adapt all over again losing happiness within every moment.

Lost in despair my angels cannot hear my ambitions 2 roam in search 4 peace. Please believe me that I want a better life 4 my self so I strive 4 greatness but then more and more people express their unnecessary hatred.

I feel as thought I have so many burdens 2 over come weighing down on my back but no one understands the fatal impact it will have. I clash with my emotions pondering on the fact of when did everything gone wrong. My posture remains silent as I wish 4 positivity 2 come around.

I open my heart 2 the ones I love only 4 them 2 let me down. I'm crushed spirit searching 4 light throughout this darkness.

I hold on 2 what ever may keep me 2gether, the world has so much 2 reveal through these days of desolation. 2 sides grabbing at me and either side is planning 2 let go dealing with hardships driving me 2 the edge 2 the point where I'm falling looking 4 something 2 hold 2 stop my fast pace fall. Hoping 2 change me dear life 4 the better and explore the true depths of the benevolence in my soul.

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