Friday, November 6, 2009

The Soothing Sound Destructive Ignorance

In escape I could never run away from reality. I hold on grasping tighter 2 the vibrations searching for my reflection.

The answer 2 my prayers have 2 be answered faith still remains alive in my beliefs. Although I can't find my self I still can sense my truth and throughout the veins in my anatomy the map is clear and concise.

Strength still breathes within me so ever vigilante in my endeavors. Thunder in the sky resembles 2 the beat of my heart. The wind carries my ancestor voice using all my ways 2 escape the mind control.

The waves in the air transmitting frequencies on a quest 2 study and avoid the message representing negativity. The art is destroyed no blueprint 2 rebuild.Popularity is considered 2 b more essential then true values,morals and honesty humanity blind with no knowledge and purpose. No Knowledge and Purpose.No Knowledge and Purpose.

Let me speak what is justice and righteous I gain more enemies then support let me lie and misguide the youth and I receive full recognition just witness acknowledge the artifacts giving explanation to the future.

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