Sunday, November 8, 2009

Raging Spirit Furious Heart.

The flames invested inside piercing throughout my soul.
I acknowledge my hardships and collide with them facing the ugly faces every passing day.

Fearless in my mind ignoring the truth studying the science of the horrific realm.
Cold skin precious intentions for all until I am shown the faces of death.

Becoming a everlasting struggle 2 live on in a wolrd that doesn't immediately excepts u. Constructing the mind 2 perfection so that deception shall not take over and exclude all that is u.

Searching throughout all the laughter and misfortune my heart is burning inside I'm hanging on 2 my flesh, analyzing my environment 2 channel my survival skills with only one goal in mind 2 reach longevity. To live to go on is my only purpose in these tragic dark filled times.

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