Friday, December 25, 2009

A Hearts Quest.

So use 2 my agony never escaping its clutch holding on 2 my precious moments nothing seems 2 get better just another struggle. Taking precaution cause at the end of the day the fact of u hurting me has no meaning in your heart.

I'm inside bleeding looking for a meaning of why does deception has 2 touch my soul. The yelling and screams forces u 2 tell me 2 break away signifying that u are complete without me here at time I just wanna disappear and dwell in my sorrow only 2 never reappear in the radiance of this monument we have built.

I let u get close 2 my heart and all u manage 2 represent is your laughter and u show all your methods of cruelty pushing me all I want 2 do is remain free and unlock my wishes 2 fly I wanna b loved but no longer can I try my passion has died.

All u tell me 2 do is leave and never look back I wish it was so easy 2 do as u express this deep ambition. I wanna remain alone through this searching for these keys 2 release me from these locks. Grief is all I feel, I wanna gain relief from this depression and continue on with no feeling inside just wanna b emotionless cause I have no more will 2 triumph the painful ways of the heart and never again do I wanna feel happiness due 2 the love and and caring affection of any womens heart.

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