Thursday, October 22, 2009

Final Moments( Sometimes Only Thing You Can Say Is Goodybye).

Holding back my tears, u grasp my hand I feel u holding on with all ur might. My heart is shattered as I hold u in my arms safe and secure asking 4 the reason of y u are bleeding gasping 4 air. Clueless of 2 the fact y a stray of bullets decided 2 take u. My childhood friend basically my truest of best-friends being carried by the angels as I stare in 2 his eyes all that can b presented is a cold motionless stare. So many times we cheated death as the ambulance carried u away. I feel an emptiness so potent cause ur last words were don't let me die and I lied not knowing the circumstance I had no control 2 give u breathe again like I wish I could. So the only thing I could do is deal with holding ur mother in tears as she prays 4 her baby asking y he had 2 died.

As the young girl stands by her grandmothers bedside her only motherly figure. The anguish is deep as grandmother tells her that the creator may take her away, 2 young 2 understand whats going on with grandmothers health she remains quiet hoping 4 clarity.The cancer spreads as the days and nights go by and the weaker grandmothers becomes finally realizing that it is 2 late. Holding in the fact that she had 2 let go of her grandmother in this world while others telling her that she will b going 2 a better place. She replies where ever grandmother goes I want 2 follow.So very difficult 2 explain this rough situation 2 her only 2 come 2 a realizations that the young girl finds out she not coming back she can only hold on 2 tender memories reminiscing of when her acting mother held her.

The beautiful couple that love embraced thought they would never be separated.Never knew that 2day was their final destination as one.Driving hoping 2 make it home 2 his wife in anticipation 2 feel her caring and affectionate touch. Attention wasn't present as he was struck violently by a truck as the car crushed him he breaks his neck eyes blank white like he was blind. His wife notified and breaks down and cries screaming his name he is not in response no motion no speech, heart ripped out her chest asking y she had 2 say her final farewells. In these situations we struggle 2 live through sometimes the only thing u can say is goodbye and analyze the time spent with those we hold close 2 our hearts.

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