Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Destiny Is Calling (Faith Will Have Avengence).

I'm lost getting use 2 my new surroundings. So many people were here willing and ready 2 give undeniable support now I'm all alone. I'm on a strict purpose 2 find what this life truly has 2 offer. Everything is clear at the end of the chapter the only change is my reactions 2 ever changing affect. The misery continues at times and proceeds 2 close in and becomes unbearable. I have 2 reconstruct things 4 my self and appreciate that the creator will guide me through.

Saying inside that these words, this talent I posses has 2 lead me 2 success cause finding true happiness is only a luxury given 2 the impudent. I comprehend that I'm only meant 2 feel agony programed deep inside. Sorrow is all I feel let my despair b represented 2 the heartless and make u quiver as I laugh with insanity 4 u ignoring the bloodshed and drama.Ur thirst 2 continuously evade all those murdered innocent souls caused by ur careless money hungry actions.

Dear creator please set my soul free help me build what was destroyed. I'm the warrior with rage and courage whose only focus is 2 protect it's village and shelter all my loves one's away form the merciless wrath of the ending of days.

Let me inspire b4 I expire,let me uplift and with excessive force share the jewels of knowledge to the world if my voice is silenced then let these words travel throughout the universe 4 we have been blinded 4 2 long, led astray form the treasure delivering truth.

I cry 4 tranquility instead of warfare, I bleed the memories of the abused,molested youth,homeless,neglected and mis-treated individuals. There has 2 b a better place 2 fly 2 with these damaged wings. Angels watching over the atmosphere with the grace of the heavenly spirits. Everyday people waking up feeling discouraged losing sleep hearing fate life isn't promised so b4 my last rest I will pledge 2 unleash combat on the beast where all those died I shall succeed so all those tortured can brake away and flee.


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