Sunday, October 18, 2009

Unveil The Horror

Please don't b blinded any longer seek 4ward 2 the truth.
Who can u really trust? The atmosphere is total war all of those searching 4 peace 2 b born again have either become corrupted or have passed on 2 the higher skies.

How can any one search 4 a solution 2 any problem? when all supreme organizations want nothing more but 2 control everything which is life as the blood of the innocent continue 2 spill. Looking deep inside the treachery looking up 2 the heavens searching 4 the angels 2 give us some type pathway 2 progression.

I have 2 b honest some of us won't b able 2 shake the evil and will not b able 2 carry on 2 the brighter future. When all is said and done true colors will be exposed as the unborn stay safe in the wound I pray that they never see these horrific days of doom.

These reason and more make me struggle more 4 my cause...2 make affect pursing all that will make others inspired sharing my talents,and bad weather the conquering of storms longing 4 the tranquil filled days on a on going battle with myself.

Although the door remains closed and locked I know I have the key 2 find the essence that will relinquish all suffering the chains will b broken finally.

The day of the enslaved will embrace us all I wanna prepare the world 4 what is 2 come steadily analyzing news,tribulations,heart-ache, plots and plans of the heartless and wealthy with no real plan indented 4 those less fortunate 2 grow 2wards greater circumstances.

I have 2 show the blind the file and ugly 2 deliver the mind state and abolish the self hate meant 2 bring all of us who truly want 2 serve a purpose the helping hand giving by the creators grace.

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