Sunday, October 18, 2009

Young Gitfed & Hopeless

2 all the broken-hearted youth searching 4 guidance struggling 4 a means 2 simply survive. Dry ur eyes 4 the days of happiness will soon arrive.
Even tho it feels as tho know one is watching over u knowing in ur hearts that can't b true. 4 u see that these situations were brought 2 u only 2 bring 4ward strength.

No one will stop the motivation that burns within u deeply engraved behind all the sadness and rage. 4 the boy growing 2 b a man,looking 4 attention and that confidence only a fatherly figure could provide search deeper in 2 ur heart and u shall find, the unspoken,4gotten words of achieved gentleman. 2 represent a rough and fearless image doesn't produce nothing but an act 4 the blood of great kings and warriors run through u active it's potential 2 the fullest. Never cease the moment 2 construct ur mind along with constructing ur physical exterior

Not only is ur beauty a representation of ur greatness. Understand that ur intelligence is key glamor will not always save u from ur times of horror. Pay attention stay focus cause others will not understand what it really means 2 be a
women with imperative values as the diamonds glimmer hold on 2 ur dignity b prepared 4 the coldest winter. In-vision a better future 4 u 2 embark on, materialistic things will not make u only what u posses in ur heart will shine providing u a light throughout ur darkest times.

Please know that there will always b faith that will drive u 2wards ur true destiny either boy or girl. Let those growing souls rise and escape from their hardships,agony, frustration and fly 4 it is ur time the young and gifted shall have arise hopeless no more.

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